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Zowie! Tweets for Week Ending June 27, 2010: Health Informatics Pulse Meetup, #HITDC, Clickorrhea, Artificial Intelligence, Social BPM

US spent $7290/person on healthcare & ranked last, Netherlands spent $3837 & ranked first 3 hrs ago
John Haugeland, Philosophy, U of Chicago, 1945–2010, author Artificial Intelligence: The Very Idea, fondly recall him #ai 1 day ago
World Congress Keynote 7/20/10: What is Happening 2 Drive [Healthcare] Industry Toward Business Process Management? #BPM 2 [...]

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Zowie! Tweets of the Week Ending June 20, 2010: Tufte, Case Management, BPM, Health 2.0

NHIN Transit Authority via @faisal_q < positively Tuftesque 18 hrs ago
checklist…easier…2 use time 2 learn patients status…freed from…recall…six steps in establishing an IV #EMR #EHR #BPM #ACM 1 day ago
repetitive, lock-step processes…(think pharmacy) [vs] free-form, unstructured…(think emergency room) #EMR #EHR #BPM #ACM 1 day ago
What is the Difference Between Case Management [...]

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Zowie! Tweets of the Week Ending June 13, 2010: Clinical Groupware; Captain Sullenberger; Intuitive vs. Intuitable EMRs; Import of Recognition, Achievement, and Personal Growth to EHR Usability

.@faisal_q import of motivation reminds me of import experience, transformation, emotion & meaning of #EMR #EHR adoption 2 days ago
.@faisal_q re motivation vs #usability in #EMR #EHR design < UR right “recognition, achievement, personal growth” R key 2 days ago
Health/Medicine 2.0 46 definitions: tech, patients, professionals, social networking, info/content, collaboration, change 2 [...]

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Zowie! Tweets for the Week Ending June 6, 2010: BPM Maturity in Healthcare, Hicks Law, Workflow-Driven EMR/EHR User Interfaces, Rolling Thunder

“case management…single patient. #BPM…improve the overall outcome of health care…across all patients” #EMR #EHR #healthit 5 hrs ago
Shock Absorbers That Generate Power for Cars “kinetic energy of bounces to generate watts” NYT 5 hrs ago
Kickbiked to SummerFest & Atlanta’s Piedmont Park today: hot, humid & happy! 17 hrs ago
“long lists of [...]

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What Kind of EHR Would Sully Design?

Short Link:
I was there, March 4th in Atlanta, to hear Captain Sullenberger speak at the HIMSS conference about patient safety. It was more than just a great speech; it was a tour de force. His first speech post-retirement, the question and answer period included “thank you”s, questions, comments, and personal accounts that were, at [...]

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