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Zowie! Tweets for Week Ending May 30, 2010: “The BPM Problem”, Clinical Groupware, Android, Twitter, Pac-Man

Harmonizing formal processes & ad-hoc work via @ActionBase < apply 2 #EMR #EHR clinical groupware mediated processes #BPM 1 hr ago
Kickbiked to Washington Harbour on Potomac in Georgetown, here’s shot Kennedy Center & GU rowers (nice light) 16 hrs ago
Blog Post: #EMRs, #EHRs & Clinical #Groupware Need to Solve “The #BPM Problem”: Why [...]

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EMRs and EHRs Need to Solve “The BPM Problem”: Why Not Use BPM to Help Do So?

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If this blog has a symbol it’s two cars, one labeled EMR (or EHR, more recently) and one labeled Workflow Management System (or Business Process Management, also more recently), speeding toward collision (see Welcome! (EHR + WfMS = EHR WfMS), the post kicking off this blog). The result, of all those flying parts magically [...]

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Zowie! Tweets for Week Ending May 23, 2010: iPad, Android, Point-and-Click, Speech Recognition, and Dog Scooters

Augmenting Reality /via @symtym < innovative #EMR #EHR #UI #UX ideas 10 hrs ago
Internal Enterprise App Store…7 of 10 Fortune 1000 companies…testing #iPhone 4 internal adoption #iPad 10 hrs ago
@greggalex welcome 2 Twitter, your turns of phrase R eminently quotable in reply to greggalex 20 hrs ago
History of the Future of #EHR’s [...]

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Zowie! Tweets for Week Ending May 16, 2010: Deep vs Shallow Usability, iPad BPM and Twitter Apps, #HIMSS10 Meet the Bloggers

Business process management coming 2 #iPad & like devices, projected 50 million by 2014 #EMR #EHR #BPM #mobile #groupware 2 hrs ago Me, my Aerobie, and the “Grand Old Seat” end to a great weekend! 16 hrs ago
Ray Bradbury’s classic time travel short story meets SNL: “Timecrowave” 22 hrs ago
Kickbiking [...]

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Meet the Bloggers Revisited: Can You Identify Who Said What?

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At this spring’s HIMSS conference in Atlanta I went to the Meet the Bloggers sessions March 1-3 (see below for their blogs and Twitter handles). The panelists were informative, funny, and sometimes profound (in a change-the-world sort of way). I recently reviewed my notes and circled the most interesting (to me) comments.
I’ve not attributed individual comments to specific [...]

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