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Will the Apple iPad Force Healthcare to Finally Abandon Outmoded User Interface Designs?

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I can’t leave the iPad alone, literally or figuratively (how many EMR users can say *that* about their EMR?). Last week I explored the relationship between EMR/EHR/clinical groupware contextual usability and process awareness. This week I consider the following apparent contradiction:
Most reviewers agree that the iPad is optimized for content consumption, not content [...]

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Zowie! Tweets of the Week Ending April 4, 2010: Apple iPad, Pediatric Informatics, Usability, Workflow, BPM

Inaugural iPad tweet! Comparing Twitter clients excellent OOBE large targets, task-at-a-time workflow 3 hrs ago
Blog Post: Contextual Usability, My #iPad, & Process-Aware Clinical Groupware for Pediatric Practice #EMR #EHR #usability 21 hrs ago
Position: Senior Pediatric Informatics Architect @ Emory University, MD or PhD biomedical informatics or computer science 1 day ago
The [...]

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Contextual Usability, My Apple iPad, and Process-Aware Clinical Groupware

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Apple started selling iPads today. I bought one. I published this post from it.
There’s an important relationship between

iPad-like form factors, task-at-a-time workflow, and contextual usability in mobile settings on one hand and
process-aware clinical groupware for medical practice (AKA EMR workflow systems) on the other hand.

I’ll use as a springboard Todd Biske’s Context Aware [...]

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