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Zowie! Tweets of the Week Ending March 7th, 2010: Real EMR Differentiators, Clinical Groupware, Captain Sullenberger, Pediatric Modules

3 Real #EMR #EHR Differentiators Usability Pediatric Life easier 4 mins ago
“Imagine” (in John Lennon sense) using #groupware 2 create clinical groupware #EHR #EMR #BPM #workflow 2 days ago
Lead: “current e-prescriber company is discontinuing service…UR [pediatric EMR] software came highly recommended. Please…schedule demo” 2 days ago
Captain Sullenberger keynote: Aviation [...]

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#HIMSS10 Best Ever: Due in Large Part to Social Media

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“#HIMSS10” was the hashtag used in tweets about this year’s HIMSS conference in Atlanta, March 1-4. Attendees searched Twitter for #HIMSS10 to follow a gigantic conversation. #HIMSS10, or more precisely the convergence it symbolizes to me, transformed my HIMSS conference experience.

I’ve been coming to HIMSS conferences for ten years. The added social media [...]

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Clinical Groupware: A Definition (Version 2.0?)

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A while ago I proposed the following definition of clinical groupware:
“Intentional care team processes and procedures pertaining to the observation and treatment of patients plus the tools designed to support and facilitate a care team’s work.” (emphasis not in original)
I received a surprising number of suggestions (but: Post! Post!). All food for thought.
I do [...]

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