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Zowie! Tweets of the Week for January 17, 2010: Twitter Holiday, Groupware, EHRs+BPM, Football, Most Downloaded White Paper

Blog post: A Twitter Holiday: Sun, Sand, Surf, Smartphones, Short URLS, Social MEdia, and Pediatric EMR Workflow Systems #
“Groupware” coined in 1978 “intentionally chosen group processes & procedures + the computer software 2 support them” EMR #
Good question! Are any healthcare institutions using Business Process Management (BPM) with fiscal and EMR/EHR apps? [...]

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A Twitter Holiday: Sun, Sand, Surf, Smartphones, Short URLs, Social MEdia, and EMR Workflow Systems

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You will notice something new at the beginning of each post to this blog: “Short Link:” followed by a short and somewhat cryptic URL ( If you click on it (try it!) you simply end back where you started, on this same page.
What’s the point? Short URLs, or short links, are used in SMS messages and Twitter [...]

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Zowie! Tweets for Week Ending 1/10/10: EMRs, Workflow, Groupware, Short Links, Chess Boxing, and Short Video of Frozen Waterfall

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Early groupware/computer-supported cooperative work relevant to clinical pediatric EMR/EHR workflow & usability about 23 hours ago
Current ski conditions for Key West, Florida (I kid you not, check out this screen shot) 8:11 PM Jan 7th Testing new short-linked pediatric-specific High-Usability EncounterPRO EMR Workflow System website, does this link work? [...]

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