An Unsolicited but Greatly Appreciated Testimonial from EncounterPRO Pediatric EMR User Michael Anderson, MD, FAAP

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From: mga CHILDRENSPedtrcsCtrEastMain [email address deleted]
Sent: Friday, October 16, 2009 1:06 PM
To: Frank Martin; Chuck Webster
Subject: Our Thoughts on EncounterPRO

Please contact me about my enthusiasm for our EncounterPRO System, and how we may continue to promote your outstanding improvement in our ability to give excellent pediatric care.  I wish to express that ….
We noted even at the The University of Michigan’s Mott Children’s Hospital, where medical informatics is a strategic priority, the EncounterPRO EMR, surpasses even the best system that we had ever previously seen.  The benefits, for both the academic and community pediatrician, are such that now I cannot imagine practice without the efficiency and quality this particular EMR brings to the pediatrician. 
GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT:  for pediatrics, the ability to plot and chart growth and development real-time, allows our parents to see and take-home a printing of their child’s growth chart and graph, weight, height, etc., in real-time that demonstrates the patient’s percentiles over time.  The milestones, as tedious as they are, are easily presented, for checking at the development visits, so that not a single one is missed, and all recorded at the same time as evaluation. 
SICK VISITS:  The templates WE have been able to easily developer and save, with ease even while I am seeing patients, provides a fast and simple way for our practice to give a consistent standard of care throughout the group, and even while teaching residents, we provide a systematic approach for every patient. 
DOCUMENTATION AND BILLING:  Having the ICD codes attached to every diagnosis, provides superb documentation, and assists us in ordering labs and studies, and most of all having appropriate ICD codes match with the CPT codes.  The EncounterPRO EMR dovetails with the Office Management Software, even third party providers, such that submitting a clean claim, the first and every time, is no longer a struggle.  We no longer need to have a full-time coder, EncounterPRO makes sure every diagnosis has the proper ICD code, and that these are appropriately linked with the CPT code, seamlessly presented to the Pediatrician while completing the chart. 
SAVES MONEY & GENERATES INCOME:  The software’s data base of ICD and CPT codes, linked to the medical terminology that Pediatrician’s naturally use, saves the expensive coding services that we have had to so long suffer in the past.  Now our billing and collections team can focus on the business, and not the medical terminology.  Further, EncounterPRO makes sure we are offered the relevant choices, as pediatricians, while we are charting.  Important charges and not accidently missed, such as ancillary procedures and even medical supplies that can be covered by payers, if only the Pediatrician remembers to code for the service.  This has increased our ability to truly code and bill for the services we were previously providing, but now are able to document appropriately.  We have noted not only savings but improved revenue. 
PATIENT SATISFACTION:  EncounterPRO keeps track of the time the patient waits, and the time each service provider, both support staff, and medical staff, for every patient.  Having these running clocks, visible on the screen while the patient is moving through the office template, keeps us all aware of where every patient is, what they are waiting for, what they need, and how long it is taking us to provide the service.  We have noted an immediate 50% reduction in wait times, just from the efficiency obtained when the data is easily visible to the whole team.  We now can boast, not apologies, about our cycle times.  Our patient love the printed prescriptions, that are easy for the pharmacists to read, and the time saved by pointing and clicking, instead of writing is more accurate and faster.  The new e-prescribing feature allows us to choose and reward those pharmacies who best serve our patients.  We have found that small locally-owed pharmacies are eager to serve our patients quickly and with a complimentry attitude toward our practice.  In short, the patient satisfaction from the EncounterPRO system is another value.
We are grateful for the EncounterPRO team, and how they have partnered with us for a more successful way to serve our patients.  Beyond the fees associated for the service and the product, we want to write a heart-felt thank you for an outstanding advance in our ability to serve our most important pediatric patients.


President and Corporate General Counsel

391 East Main Street
Canton, Georgia 30114

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  1. Mark B.
    Posted October 16, 2009 at 1:36 pm | Permalink

    WOW! Item by item, this is an amazing testimonial.

  2. chuckwebster
    Posted October 19, 2009 at 7:50 am | Permalink

    (sorry for the delay, at the AAP conference in DC)

    From an amazing physician and team…

    Why Were Doctors Afraid to Treat Rebecca McLester? [so they called-in doctors Michael and Stephanie Anderson who both stepped-up...]

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