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EHR/EMR Workflow System Usability–Roots in Aviation Human Factors

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You may have noticed aviation-inspired terms, illustrations, and ideas on the High-Usability EncounterPRO EMR Workflow System website:

A pilot helped to design EncounterPRO’s user interface (UI). (Link)
EMR UI design is mimicking evolution from traditional cockpits to today’s glass cockpits. (Link)
The phrase EMR “rollout” derives historically from “rolling out” a new aircraft from its hanger [...]

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“Cheaper By The Dozen” Efficiency Gurus Meet EMR Workflow Systems–Usability Results

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Last week’s post (A White Paper About EMR Workflow, Usability, and Productivity in Pediatric and Primary Care) was *so* serious, and 5000 words to boot (including the white paper). This post is compensatorily on the lighter side.

A Metaphorical Depiction of an Assistant
Handing a Physician the Right Data or
Order Entry Tool at the Right [...]

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