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EHR/EMR Usability: Natural, Consistent, Relevant, Supportive, Flexible Workflow

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EHRs/EMRs have long been lauded for their potential contributions to legibility, decision support, and clinical research. They hold great promise for reducing medical error. However, until recently, EMR usability obstacles have not been sufficiently addressed. Typical EMR systems are not easy to use. Many physicians run small businesses. Anything that slows them down [...]

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How I Became Interested In EHR Workflow Management Systems

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After a previous post on pediatric EMR workflow systems, I drew the following diagram to represent the relationship among medical specialty-specific workflow, EMR/EHRs, and workflow technology.

I was reminded of the original symbol of the Department of Health Management Systems (renamed from Health Information Sciences in 1995) at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. In 1993 Sean McLinden, [...]

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Georgia’s Best EMR Used By Three of Top Ten Pediatricians

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Three of the top ten pediatricians listed in the July issue of Atlanta Magazine use the EncounterPRO Pediatric EMR (workflow system):
Dr. Byron Cotton of Kids & Teens Primary Healthcare of Atlanta
Dr. Prakash Desai of Cobb Pediatric Associates
Dr. Thomas Mahon of Snellville Pediatrics
Atlanta Magazine’s “Top Doctors” issue includes 165 physicians from 45 specialties. Castle [...]

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HIMSS Davies Award Winning EMR Workflow Systems

[10/31: I'm giving a free webinar on Wednesday, Nov 5th! It's about the same EHR workflow tech that won the HIMSS Davies Award three times in a row! See you there! Give me a shout out on Twitter just before! Cheers! --Chuck]
My 11/5 webinar outline: #Ebola Workflow Workflow Tech Workflow Engines Workflow Editors Workflow Visibility
— [...]

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EMR Workflow Systems vs. EHR Workflow Management Systems

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I’ve added a new page to this website about “EMR Workflow Systems” (”EMR WfSs” to get it to fit on a WordPress navigational tab). By the way, there is an important conceptual (and practical) difference between an EHR Workflow Management System and an EMR Workflow System.
Just as workflow management systems are used to create [...]

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