Could You Do Me a Favor? “Electronic Medical Record Workflow Management: The Workflow of Workflow”

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Could you do me a favor?

SERP stands for Search Engine Result Page. A white paper I wrote in 2003 about EMRs and workflow has consistently had a Google SERP rank = 1 for the search terms “EMR” and “workflow” (out of 177,000 total hits, when I most recently checked, see below).


Over the past decade I occasionally queried Google using the search terms “EMR” and “workflow” (and then also “EHR” and “workflow,” as “EHR” became increasingly popular, though “EMR” continues to outnumber “EHR” two or three to one). At first I was just interested in what was out there and wanted to make sure I read all the relevant material I could access. Periodically I’d repeat the search to make sure I caught any new material that appeared since last I searched.

[9/24/12 Update: The next link doesn't work because the domain is gone. However, the link to a copy of the paper on my blog still works. However, not matter what you search for in Google, that working link is gone, gone, gone....]

After a while I started to find my own material. The 2003 white paper I wrote called “Electronic Medical Record Workflow Management: The Workflow of Workflow”drifted towards the top of the Google search engine results and eventually occupied the first position on the first page of links that Google presents in response to the query of “EMR” and “workflow”. (However, please note the P.S. below dated 6/11/2009, below!)

If you have read this far, you may be thinking: “What’s the favor?” and perhaps even ”This guy is a bit obsessive!” In my own defense, I think that “EMR” and “workflow” are important search terms. First, I find much of the material on the Web that includes these terms to be potentially interesting. Second, if someone uses these terms and informs themselves about the subject, I think this is a good thing (the value of an informed public and all that). Third, if someone reads the “Workflow of Workflow” white paper, they may become interested in the EMR (now EHR) workflow management system that illustrates the ideas explained in the white paper.

Since a document’s SERP rank in Google is in large part determined by who links to it and resulting traffic, I guess I have only one thing left to say:

Could you do me a favor?

Please click on the following link: and then click on the link to the “Electronic Medical Record Workflow Management: The Workflow of Workflow” white paper (a PDF document) returned by Google’s Search Engine Result Page. (Better yet, also add a link to it from your web site please!)

Thank you!

P.S. (6/11/2009) Not willing to leave well enough alone, as an experiment I used a 301 permanent redirect to move the white paper from its old location to

and its search position dropped like a rock. Oh well! It was fun at the top of the Google search engine result position heap while it lasted. (Maybe it will crawl back up, or maybe it won’t. It will be interesting to observe.)

P.S. (6/21/2009) Cool! It worked. Never mind.

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