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What’s So Special about EHR Workflow Management Systems?

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Someone contacted me with a challenge, “What’s so special about EHR workflow management systems and why can’t it be added to an existing EHR?”
Here is my answer:
Many EHRs are cumbersome, inflexible, and difficult to optimize with respect to their process workflow. Implemented correctly, an EHR workflow management system is graceful, flexible, and optimizable. [...]

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Survey: EHR Workflow Management System Features & Functions

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In 2003 and through 2005, I contributed to, and updated, the General Workflow Management Criteria portion of the “Workflow Management Survey: Ambulatory EHR Systems” survey, conducted by Andrew & Associates, which appeared in Advance for Health Information Executives. It’s been four years WfMS technology has been creeping into the EHR mainstream, so it’s [...]

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Football Plays and EHR Workflow

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A friend of mine is Dave Hubbard, the motivational speaker, an All-American collegiate athlete who played professional football in the 1970’s for Hank Stram of the New Orleans Saints and then the Denver Broncos. Dave is extremely familiar with healthcare both professionally (serial entrepreneur) and personally (broke his back jumping out of a [...]

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Visualizing Productivity Tradeoffs

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The recommended length of a blog post is between 250 and 1000 words. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I am posting the following graphic without further comment (except to ask “What I am trying to represent?” and that I look forward to your comments).

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Litmus Test for Detecting Frozen EHR Workflow

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If a first year medical student says that a patient has a temperature, his or her attending may say something like “Of course your patient has a temperature, all patients have a temperature! Is their temperature normal or abnormal? Elevated or subnormal? What, exactly, is the patient’s temperature?
In the same sense, all software [...]

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