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The Next Five Years: The EHR Network Effect

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Last week I gave an invited presentation to the Columbia chapter of the South Carolina Health Managers Association on EHR topics. Having never been to Columbia, or tasted the famous South Carolina yellow barbecue sauce, I went (as they say) with relish.
My presentation was “The Next Five Years:The EHR Network Effect” and I thought [...]

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EncounterPRO User to Present At HIMSS

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Congratulations to Dr. Armand Gonzalzles of Riverpoint Pediatrics in Chicago (an EncounterPRO EHR user since 2000) for his upcoming presentation at the 2009 Health Information Management Systems Society Conference in Chicago.

Dr. Gonzalzles’ presentation ”Workflow Management EMR Systems and the Primary Care Physician,” (Sunday, April 5, 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM in Room S403b at [...]

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Welcome! (EHR + WfMS = EHR WfMS)

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Who Am I?
Charles (Chuck) Webster, MD, MSIE, MSIS
Why Am I Blogging?
I am blogging and tweeting, at @EHRworkflow [CW: now @wareflo], to connect with professionals and researchers interested in electronic medical records and electronic health records on one hand, and workflow management systems and business process management on the other. More specifically, I am [...]

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