Promoting Those Who Promote Great Workflow At #MGMA14 Through Great Social Media

Before I get into the nitty-gritty #MGMA14 Twitter stats, I’m sure the 20 (out of 343!) exhibitors I inducted into my People and Organizations improving Workflow with Health IT just wanna see their names up in lights. So, here are the “Twenty”. The links lead to my POW!HIT! directory. Love some comments! (Such as: “Thank you for this great honor….”)

The Medical Group Management Association Annual Conference is not yet over. However two of three exhibit hall sessions are completed. Monday may be the peak tweet traffic day on the #MGMA14 Twitter hashtag (if other conferences are representative; there’s no Symplur analytics for #MGMA13). I want to get this blog post into the #MGMA14 tweet stream before it dies away, so I’m publishing this Tuesday during the likely tweet traffic peak.

Unlike the HIMSS Conference, for which I’ve done detailed, hour-by-hour, year-to-year comparisons of #HIMSS12, #HIMSS13, #HIMSS14 tweet traffic, there are no #MGMA13 twitter statistics on Symplur. In fact, I registered #HIMSS14 on Symplur so we’d have a least the following. I look forward to comparing to next year’s #MGMA15!


So, as of close of MGMA conference exhibit hall on Monday, over the previous two days, there had been over four million “impressions” (sum of all tweeters, for each of tweeter number of tweets times followers), 1787 tweets on the #MGMA14 hashtag, 382 folks tweeted at a rate of 37 tweets per hour. Each participant tweeted an average of five times. Of course, that’s the average, some people, like myself, tweeted a whole lot more than the average!


Sunday was spiky, early on lots of traveling to #MGMA14 tweets, then a big roar at the opening of the conference. Most off the tweets on Monday happened between about 8-9AM to 2-3PM PST, which makes sense (the exhibit hall closed at 2PM).

I tweeted with the big dawgs, so to speak. I’m @wareFLO in the following three rankings of Twitter accounts. :)


Those are the stats. They’re just a static picture at a particular point in time. But I think it does give you a sense of the energy, rhythms, and volume. The rest of the blog post is about a subject near-and-dear to my heart: workflow!

Here’s my Blogging/Twitter Mission Statement, which I occasionally tweet:

Before major conferences, I look at all the exhibitors to find the folks with great healthcare workflow stories. Since I’ve been taking about healthcare workflow and workflow tech literally for decades, and most recently very active on social media, I do what ever I can to help this folks in the workflow white hat improve workflow in healthcare with health IT. In fact, I even have a digital badge encourage folks to use, the POW-HIT badge. Yes, “POW”, “HIT” just like in the old Batman TV show!

The following are some of the tweets, by me and by others (including my POWer HITters!).

Yep, I made the following photo. Many thanks to @TIVA_HealthCare for tweeting it!

@ClinicSpectrum has one of the colorful info graphics, which it let me tweet. Eat your heart out USA Today!

The following? Well, I’ll use almost any means to get folks interested in healthcare workflow: humor…


… current events…

(that last tweet, the second link leads to one of my more popular blog posts about Meaningful Use and workflow)

… art :)

… humor …

… flattery …

…technical expertise …

… and whatever else I can think of at the time to MAKE PEOPLE PAY ATTENTION TO WORKFLOW!!! (Got your attention, didn’t I?)

Now, if you’ve actually made down this far in the blog post, you must actually be interested in healthcare, health IT, and EHR workflow! Just my way of pre-qualifying leads… :)

Anyway, if you’re intrigued (um, concerned?) by my obsession with healthcare workflow and workflow technology, I hope you’ll come to my free webinar at 12 Noon EST on November 5th. Here’s the tweet, so you can retweet it. But if you click on the link in the tweet it leads to my blog post about the webinar. And the first line is to the webinar registration page, so you can be reminded before it starts with a link to click on to participate.

In my webinar I’ll cover the following:

  • What it workflow?
  • What is workflow technology?
  • What is a workflow engine?
  • What is a workflow editor?
  • What is workflow visibility?

And why healthcare so desperately needs the above, embedded in the EHRs and health IT systems we use daily.

See you there!

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Ideal Medical Practice Workflow: Vishal Gandhi of ClinicSpectrum Has An Infographic!

(Booth 330 at MGMA14)

[This is the first in a series of blog posts about medical practice workflow, to be published during the #MGMA14 Annual Conference at Las Vegas, Nevada between Oct 26 & 29th.]

It’s so great to meet a kindred workflow soul, such as Vishal Gandhi of ClinicSpectrum! Vishal was educated as an Electrical Engineer. I have many degrees and the engineering degree’s been most valuable, by far. Vishal, like all engineers, applies the kind of “systems thinking” that’s frequently wished for in healthcare. He conceptually (and sometimes really!) takes a system apart. Understands all the component subsystems. Understands the workflows among these these components. And then puts them all back together, working faster, better, cheaper.

(The following workflow diagram is not Vishal’s Ideal Medical Practice Workflow Infographic. That appears in the last blog post in this series. But it is based on my schematic interpretation of his workflow infographic.)


Now, I’ve tried just about every possible way to explain workflow. I won’t list them here. But one thing I’ve never tried, is Infographics! So I’m delighted to mention here that I’m sort of acting as a sounding board to Vishal while he puts together what I think will be an unusual and valuable Ideal Medical Practice Workflow infographic and whitepaper. Vishal has created some incredible annotated graphical material. While the white paper will be forthcoming after the Medical Group Management Association conference, I’ve gotten his permission to leak some of the best bits here, in my blog devoted to EHR Workflow Management Systems and related technologies.

We’ll drill down into the component subsystems of Vishal’s Ideal Medical Practice Workflow. And then put them back together: faster, better, cheaper!

By the way, please weigh in! Tell Vishal and me How The Cow Ate The Cabbage here, as a comment. Or tweet Vishal (@csvishal2222), @ClinicSpectrum, or me (@wareFLO).

Here are the links to the upcoming posts. Some of them may not work yet, because the posts they link to haven’t been published yet. However, they’ll all be live by the end of the MGMA conference.

In my increasingly infamous 10-part in-the-weeds health IT interview series, I usually combine all the questions and answers in one post. I update the post every couple hours during and health IT conference and tweet out links to anchors within the post. As we’re dealing with infographics here, each a 100K and a screenful high, I’ll be breaking this “interview” into 10 separate, but interlinked (Next, Back) blog posts.

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Step 1 Appointment Call Received: Ideal Medical Practice Workflow

Ideal Medical Practice Workflow: Vishal Gandhi of ClinicSpectrum Has An Infographic! (Booth 330 at MGMA14)


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Step 2 Back-end Eligibility Verification Team: Ideal Medical Practice Workflow

Ideal Medical Practice Workflow: Vishal Gandhi of ClinicSpectrum Has An Infographic! (Booth 330 at MGMA14)


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Step 3 Front Desk Patient Check-in/out: Ideal Medical Practice Workflow

Ideal Medical Practice Workflow: Vishal Gandhi of ClinicSpectrum Has An Infographic! (Booth 330 at MGMA14)


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